Healing Scripture Meditation Cards

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“I am the Lord that healeth thee.”

With so many in our nation battling illness and health concerns today, our new Healing Scripture Cards will be a tremendous blessing to many. Designed like a deck of playing cards (*note: these are NOT playing cards; there are no numbers or suits), these cards provide a convenient and effective method for meditating God’s precious Word concerning health and healing.

Each deck is small enough to fit into a purse or pocket or may be individually propped up on a desktop, kitchen counter, or mirror for meditation throughout the day.

Packaged as a 52-card deck, the pack contains 61 scriptures (49 are King James Version) with card backs displaying a beautiful 4-color photo and reminder of Exodus 15:26: “I am the Lord that healeth thee.”

The Healing Scripture Meditation Cards are great for your customers’ own use or as a gift to those in need. These also provide a really beneficial item to utilize in a church’s hospital visitation program.

This product is available in four different sizes:

Package A – 104 decks

Package B – 52 decks

Package C – 26 decks

Package D – 13 decks

Each initial 13- (or larger) deck order is provided with an attractive four-color, space-conscious display that is the perfect size for next to register point of sale. Being a low-cost item, many customers will pick up multiple packs to give to friends with physical afflictions.

Suggested retail: $5.49 each. Please call for wholesale prices on packages of 13 or more and shipping. We ship USPS Priority Mail.

To order the Healing Scripture Meditation Cards, please contact us using the information on the “Contact Us” page or call 863-859-3668.